Hilda Cabral Design offers comprehensive staging services to take care of the process from start to finish.

We style to sell both vacant and occupied condos, lofts and houses and adapt to different budgets and targets. When styling occupied homes, we try and use as much of the furniture that we consider suits the space to keep a more manageable budget, and are happy to work with clients that have their own inventory as well.

Our pricing depends on three factors: staging fee, furniture rental and transportation. For the first, we charge an hourly rate for the actual time spent staging the home. The second is a monthly rental fee for any furniture or accessories that we bring. And finally, any transportation fees incurred during the process.

For consultations please contact us for more information.


We start by visiting the home to assess the space and establish a budget and timeline. Within one business day we send a complete evaluation of the property, including recommendations, design inspiration and an estimated budget.


Once it’s time to style the home, we use a mix of different pieces from out inventory to ensure the home is inviting, aesthetic and comfortable. It is very important to us that the space feels warm the minute a potential buyer walks in. We work with modern furniture, vintage finds and local pieces to create a beautiful space with a touch of character.

clean up

Once the property is sold, we take care of removing all of the furniture that was placed in the home.